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The following map illustrates a sample of the geographic information that the Maryland 400 project has collected. The story of the Maryland 400 did not end at the Battle of Brooklyn; the men of the First Maryland Regiment were scattered from Canada to Cuba by the war. This map brings together geographical details that appeared in pensions, correspondence, muster rolls, and other sources, in order to visualize the progress of the First Maryland Regiment before, during and after the Revolutionary War.

The labels are divided into three color-coded categories: revolutionary activities, companies, and individuals. The revolutionary activities markers include locations of national importance where Smallwood’s Regiment could be found, including military engagements, encampments, and towns. The company label focuses on Maryland, and indicates where each company in the First Maryland Regiment was from, as well as where they were stationed before being sent to New York. Finally, the individuals category shows where the men who made up the First Maryland Regiment ended up after the war.

Make sure to zoom in enough so that all of the different markers are visible and easy to click, or use the map’s sidebar to select locations and individuals. Once you have clicked on a marker it should open up a short description. Many of the entries include links to biography pages and blog posts for more information.

If you have any questions about the map or find any bugs, please leave a comment below or send an email to

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