Maryland’s Quakers in the Revolution Podcast

Recently, longtime friend of Finding the Maryland 400 Jason Aglietti appeared on the AskHistorians podcast, to talk about his recently finished master’s thesis, “The Friends They Loathed: The Persecution of Maryland Quakers During the Revolutionary War.” You should listen!

AskHistorians Podcast 115: The Friends They Loathed – Quaker Religion and Persecution in the American Revolution

Jason, our project’s web editor and consulting historian, graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in May 2018. Drawing on many sources here at the Maryland State Archives, his thesis explors the precarious place that Quakers held in the state during the American Revolution. Because of their pacifist beliefs, Maryland’s Quakers did not support the war against Britain, or any other facet of the American Independence movement. For this, they endured persecution by the government, and harassment by supporters of the Revolution. Listen to Jason’s full interview to learn more about how Maryland Quakers navigated through this difficult period.

We hope you enjoy it! You can check out Jason’s website here:

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