Nick’s Introduction

Dear Readers,

My name is Nicholas Couto and I am a rising junior at Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland majoring in History.

As a native of Massachusetts, I grew up surrounded by the American Revolution, and it always found its way into the history curriculum every year from Kindergarten to my senior year of High School. After many years of studying the Revolution at various levels, there is always more to learn, and I am looking forward to learning new and exiting things about the non-New England aspect of the Revolution. Throughout all of those years of study documents were pictures and words on textbook pages, images on the Internet or if I was lucky, behind thick museum glass.

This summer I have the opportunity to not only research the lives of the Maryland 400, I will have the ability to hold original documents from the period in my own hands, including documents once held by the very same men about whom we are researching. It is an honor to walk in the footsteps of previous Washington College students that worked on this project and continue their legacy.

I would like to thank the Comegys Bight Internship program and the Starr Center for the American Experience for making this internship experience possible.

-Nicholas Couto

P.S I will also be updating the the Starr Center Facebook page during my time here with my experiences. Feel free to check out my posts and the posts of all the other interns and our exciting adventures!

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  1. Welcome aboard! What a great benefit you will be to this project and study. We hope you find it enjoyable and a great opportunity! Good luck!


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