John H. Beanes: The Lone Escaping Lieutenant of Ninth Company

John Hancock Beanes was the first lieutenant of the Ninth Company, First Maryland Regiment when the regiment fought at the Battle of Brooklyn on August 27, 1776. He was the only lieutenant of the Ninth Company to avoid capture; Second Lieutenant Hatch Dent, Jr. and Third Lieutenant Walker Muse were both taken prisoner and endured unusually long captivities for officers. After surviving the battle, Beanes was promoted to captain and served with the army until the end of 1777. He returned to Prince George’s County following his resignation but continued to act in a military capacity, serving as an officer in the Maryland Militia until 1796. After the war Beanes owned and operated a tavern and a distillery, was appointed a Tobacco Inspector, and was also one of the wealthiest men in Prince George’s County.

To read more about the life of John H. Beanes, check out his recently posted biography here.

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