A Virginian in the First Maryland Regiment

Walker Muse fought alongside the soldiers of the State of Maryland throughout the course of the American Revolution, despite being a native of Virginia. As the Third Lieutenant in the Ninth Company of the First Maryland Regiment, he was present during the famed stand of the Maryland 400 at the Battle of Brooklyn and was among those captured during the engagement. Subject to an unusually long captivity for an officer, Muse was finally returned to the Army on April 20, 1778, almost two years after he was taken prisoner. Upon his return he assumed the rank of captain and continued to serve with the Marylanders until November 1783, taking part in the end of the Northern Campaign, the entire Southern Campaign, and the final winter encampment at Newburgh, New York.

For a complete description of Walker Muse’s life and military career, check out his recently posted biography here.

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