Battle Maps of Long Island

Hello all,

We recently came across some very interesting maps that show the events of the Battle of Long Island in good detail. As some of you may have noticed, one of these maps is now the background for the blog site, replacing John Ogilby’s 1671 map of Maryland and the surrounding regions. To see the new map in full, click on the image below.

There are several other maps that depict the locations used and movements made in the battle, and all are helpful in our work for determining where the soldiers we are researching were located. Knowing who fought against Hessains, for example, lets us know that they were in the middle positions based on the information in the maps. We also get to see what movements the British made and why the Maryland troops were forced to retreat through the Gowanus Swamp.  Here are a couple more of the maps, which all came from the Library of Congress and can be found on their website,

Both of these are from 1776, the first being a map done by William Fadden in London, and the second was made based on notes taken by British Major Samuel Holland.

We have also made some format changes to the site; we have added a follow button in the right-hand column of the “Updates” page and included a like button for the Maryland State Archive’s Facebook page in the bottom margin (don’t forget to check out their new Twitter account as well: @mdarchives). Another addition is the new “Archives” dropdown menu located in the right-hand column, which enables you to sort through our posts by the month they were posted.


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