Progress Update

While the first few days of work consisted mainly of us learning about the battle and creating a framework to organize what we find, the last several days have seen Daniel and myself doing more research on the men of the Maryland 400. So far we have not had much luck locating any documents that give a full listing of the men in each company, but some extra digging has made what we have found more useful.

One of the best sources we have found so far was a letter naming the officers that were missing after the battle, 12 in all. This was not only useful for telling us the companies involved, but also alerted us to changes that happened in the companies in the time between when our lists were recorded and when the battle took place. Several of the men listed had been promoted to higher ranks, and I was able to use some other sources to figure out who moved where. Thomas Ewing and George Stricker, two Captains we knew in the Regiment, had been promoted in July and were no longer there; they were replaced by Lt. Daniel Bowie and Lt. Benjamin Ford, who were in charge of those companies at the time of the battle.

Although several sources we have access to are letters that included lists of men who were at the battle, none of these lists seems to have survived. We have been able to determine from other sources, such as a pension review, some of the men who were present, but most of the sources I have found tell us that a certain person was probably not at Long Island. This is still helpful, but not as much as a definitive confirmation would be. All in all, we are making progress towards our goal and I am optimistic that we will continue to get closer.


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