Standoff at the Cortelyou House, Battle of Long Island

This blog will follow the research of the Maryland State Archives Military History Research Internship team as they attempt to uncover the identities of the soldiers who made up the Maryland 400 in the Battle of Long Island during the Revolutionary War. These men are remembered for covering General George Washington’s retreat after the Continental Army was defeated by the British in the battle. While they left behind a strong legacy, little is known about the identities of the men. Our goal is to find out who they were.

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  1. Tiffany Bovell says:


    I can tell you the name of another man who served Maryland during this battle; his name was Captain Edward Edgerly. He survived the fighting in New York and went on to fight in the southern theatre, all the way into South Carolina in 1781.

    A good resource for you may be the Daughters and Sons of the American Revolution, as they keep many records of our distant patriots.

    Tiffany Bovell


    • Thank you for your input. We have an Edward Edgerly on our list as being a non-commissioned officer in Capt. Peter Adams’ company at the time of the battle. I have not researched Adams’ company yet, but I will keep this comment in mind when I do. Also thank you for the source suggestion; we have not looked into the DAR/SAR records but will certainly give it a try.


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